Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flagler College // ART 227 Type Studio // Assignment 1 - Script Translation

Often the most difficult part of a typographic project is getting digital assets to resemble their traditional counterpart, whether that be a photo, sketch, or illustration. In this project we attempt to recreate some script used on a gift card. In addition to the card text, we also recreated the packaging label.

Next we were tasked with expanding this single card into a uniform treatment that could span a series of products. Changing the message but keeping the script consistent was the goal.
We think the audience will respond positively to new additions to this product line. The endearing script text treatment translates well to other warm expressions. Our choice of cool mint green labels will blend with the existing package, without changing the color of the box.

Original Card

Script - Vector Trace

New Concept

Original and New Labels

Original Box (Front)

Original Box (Rear)

New Concept (Front)

New concept (Rear)